First Fit Bridge and Crown

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First Fit – minimally invasive bridge

Dr. Joel Rutledge

Are you missing a tooth?

First Fit – minimally invasive bridge

First Fit bridge may be a better option to complete your smile.

Unlike traditional bridges, First Fit bridges allows your dentist to replace your missing tooth without grinding away healthy neighboring teeth. The First Fit bridge is custom made for you with the most natural looking materials available today. This new technology uses patented computer aided software so you don’t have to wear bothersome temporaries. It is simple and you will have forgotten you ever had a missing tooth.

This guidance system allows your dentist to prepare the bridge site and seat the bridge on the same appointment. This is less time commitment for you, less inconvenience with annoying temporaries, less invasive to your teeth and you will have a beautiful, natural looking smile in only 2 dental visits.


·         Neighboring teeth are not permanently ground down

·         No painful screws and possible bone grafting

·         Long lasting and safe solution

·         Quick and easy with only 2 dental visits

Ask your dentist today about the most advanced technique in the world for replacing your missing tooth. We have begun to perform this minimally invasive restoration for our patients. Call us at 901-355-6645 or come by the office today!